This year's City Day Lviv celebrations in Ukraine falls on Easter. Therefore, this event will continue until nine days, from 1 to 9 May. Celebration Day will take place in Lviv titled "760 years of unique stories. Tell her."

The program of celebrations:
April 24 - show "Passion of the Christ" in the square near the monument Met. Andrey Sheptytsky.
May 1-2 - Easter - the greatest story of all time "Easter in the grove."
May 2 - Wet Monday at Market Square.
May 3 - History Levandivky, abundant and Zboyisch.
May 6 - 13:00 h. St. George Day the solemn session.
May 6 - Performances of music groups in the streets of the city (pl. Market Sq .. Jaworski Street. Les Kurbas, Bernardine courtyard, street. Br. Rohatyntsiv Square. The museum and others).
May 6 - Statements spiritual orchestra of the city Perg, Austria, on Market Square.
May 6 - Projections of stories in the city arches Hall. Videomapinh stories of individual buildings.
May 7 - The festival orchestras in Sykhiv. The orchestra of the city Sanok, Poland, orchestra and mazhoretky «Domino» Dominikovits city of Poland, the orchestra L'fanfare."
May 7 - The City march, beginning at 14:00 hours. Pl. Adam Mickiewicz - Liberty Avenue - the street. P. Berynda - Market Square.
May 7 - Handing the keys to the city and the history books of the city. Joint implementation anthem at Market Square, at 15:00 h.
May 7 - street performance theater "Resurrection" Square. Freedom, at 19:00 hours.
May 7 - Bike and breakfast and bike ride. Street theater play "Resurrection" street. Under Oaks 7b.
May 7 - Demonstration sports organizations the town square near the monument to Taras Shevchenko.
May 7 - Stories of the Old Market Green Rynok - Alternative seating area radio Skovoroda (thematic ether).
May 7 - a concert on the square. Market. Speech by the dance group "Apache". 8 May - Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation. Ecumenical prayer.
May 9 - Inauguration of the European Capital of Culture in.

Holiday program is to fund new and interesting events - so watch for announcements!