A trip to the healing spring water

A nice village Racovets is situated in 20 km from the center of Lviv in the Carpathian direction. A spring water is flowing there from the underground of a mountain. This water is well known for it’s health and wellness value.

This little stream (brook) has a very interesting and mysterious legend. The people say that there was a field of commercial cultivation of nice flowers. While working on this field, the owner saw that a little stream (brook) tries to get out from the underground. No one knows why, but he ordered to wall up this little stream (brook), after this a man became blind.

Doctors from all over the surrounding lands had tried to help him, but no one could. While for two years being blind, he saw a dream, in which mystery guest told him, that when he will break the walls surrounding this little stream (brook) and will wash his face for three times – he will get rid of blindness. A man was surprised with this advice, but he made everything the voice told him and became sighted.

Is this true or not, but already for a decades of years this little stream (brook) is a place where a lot of local people and guests of Lviv’s region are coming.

Nota Bene Hotel in Lviv offers for our guests positive feelings from trip to Racovets village, where they can try sauna or steaming in a vat with water, highly filled with silver, or maybe… you can try and make 12 cycles in a cold water pool of such mysterious little stream (brook)… what in our days stands for high willingness of a person, who can do it.